Relationships can bring us our greatest joys and our greatest challenges.

A happy and healthy relationship starts with you


You may be overly concerned about your partner's feelings or reactions that you don't speak up about your own feelings and needs. 

You might be focusing more on your partner more than you do on yourself and lose yourself in the process. 

You may be with someone who is emotionally unavailable (again) and don't know how to break this pattern.  

Needing someone’s approval to feel happy and complete can block from connecting with your own sense of worth.

You might make great sacrifices in your relationship in order to satisfy your partner's needs and get the love and approval you're craving. 

Holding onto this deep longing for love and attention outside of yourself displaces your power - making your partner the source of your happiness. 

Happiness comes from within and when you can stop searching for it in your partner, there is freedom, joy and unconditional self-esteem. 

When you're able to stay deeply connected with yourself and your needs, happiness can overflow to the other person, rather than making him/her your only source.

It takes insight and practice to remain anchored in your own worth.

 Finding happiness in yourself and setting boundaries can be difficult to do on your own. 

Therapy can be helpful in supporting you to get in touch with your own greatness and empowering you with tools to ensure you get your needs met in your relationships. 

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