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It's not easy raising a teenager. 

Great parents want many things for their teens - to be happy, feel good about themselves and enjoy positive relationships. It's hard to know what is "normal growing up" and when therapy might really benefit your child. 

Is your teen worrying about school or friends more than normal? Maybe she's making a lot of self-defeating comments? Maybe she's stressed, overwhelmed or pushing herself too hard? It's not an easy situation for any parent. There's hope! I've helped countless teens overcome their anxiety, stress and self-esteem issues so they can feel confident, calm and happy. 

I use a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Art Therapy and Mindfulness Training  to bring the most effective, long-lasting results.  

In my experience, children often get what they need out of therapy in a significantly shorter amount of time than adults.  They have less baggage and are less set in their ways of thinking!  They learn the tools fast and with ease. My adolescent clients tend to experience positive results quickly and starting from their first session. 

If you have a teen  you think might need some help or support, or even just  some extra tools during a hard time, you can book a phone consult and we can figure out together what next steps to take.