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Are negative thoughts ruining your mood?

Is your inner critic robbing you of joy?

I'm a certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. I offer deep listening along with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness Training so you can learn concrete practices to improve your mood, feel confident and create positive, lasting changes.

Feel great  and master the techniques to keep it that way.

Anxiety can be caused by negative thoughts and self-defeating beliefs. Ease and peace of mind is possible with some effort and guidance.

When your mindset is altered, the way you feel is altered. Life shows up in a new, inspiring way.

When anxiety, social anxietylow self-esteem, or relationship issues overshadow your life, it can be distressing to handle without support and great tools. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most scientifically-supported and effective treatment for anxiety. It’s considered the “gold standard” and offers a powerful way of thinking about your problems along with practical methods to improve your mood and confidence.

CBT involves setting achievable goals and measuring them along the way.  

Think for a moment: if you got everything you wanted to get out of therapy, how would your life be different? How would you be different?

Structured sessions ensure time is well spent and not lost to something that isn’t productive. 

In each session, we'll draw from over 50 methods to create a tailored program to fit how your mind works and what techniques work best.

With intensive work in weekly sessions and completing homework,  you can expect to have a shift in your sense of peace and happiness. 

You'll also learn and practice tools to reduce stress and surrender to uncomfortable experiences through Mindfulness Training and express yourself  powerfully using Communication Skills. You can feel confident knowing how to have difficult conversations with grace.

It's hard to feel hopeful about change when you've been dealing with your challenges for a long time.

I've worked with countless people dealing with anxiety, low self-esteem and relationships issues.  Guiding clients to experience life-changing mind shifts is the joy of my work. 

Let's transform the negative beliefs that are ruining your mood and getting in the way of feeling great.

Your life is worthy of the time and commitment to transform your breakdowns into breakthroughs. 

I work best with people who are motivated to do intensive work both in session and as homework.   

When you're ready, you can book a free 15-minute phone consultation.