More than just talk.

Engaging in the creative process can you help access a deep connection with your highest self. 

Art therapy integrates therapeutic techniques with creative exercises to promote insight and flow; the antidote to being stuck. 


You might make a collage of what you want your life. Maybe you paint what your stress looks like, if it had a color and shape.

Images can help us understand ourselves. 

Art-making bypasses the intellectual side of the brain to help reach into largely unconscious parts of your mind. 

Sometimes when we're stressed, we're unable to let go of all of our emotional 'baggage'. 

We keep everything inside so we can focus on the tasks at hand. 

Letting everything out on paper can be a cathartic way to discharge stress and negative feelings and move toward healing. 

You don't have to be "good" at art to enjoy it as a tool for personal growth.